Storify Highlights of SpotOnLondon 2014

My highlights of SpotonLondon 2014

  • IMG_0069I unexpectedly implied I worked for The Independent newspaper when asking a question to a panel on the first day. “Hi. I’m Jojo Scoble. Independent. No. I mean I’m on my own, not with anybody.”
  • Becoming a panelist on the second day of the conference. This year the organisers tried something a little different, the second day was an ‘unconference’ which meant that the delegates decide what they want to discuss the next day. I’d never heard of an ‘unconference’ before and so, along with a two other delegates, we sat as a panel and opened the discussion about the ‘tools we use and how we use them’. It was really fun and informative.

wpid-2014-11-24-18.01.59.jpg.jpegI Tweeted the picture of me (left) at the start of the #Solo14Tools session.

I got a free bag (right) from one of the sponsors.  wpid-2014-11-18-17.36.41.jpg.jpegDigital Science provided the lunch on Friday and this  bag too! Check out their website to see what products they have, you might be surprised that you know a few, my favourite is ReadCube.


Among the many Tweets I made during the conference, the highlight of SpotOnLondon 2014 was meeting and with the attendees from years before, whom I now regard as friendly colleagues. Also, the new attendees I met were such interesting people with great careers. I hope to see you all again next year!

Lastly, I was excited to be more involved this year and in an effort to contribute beyond the event I have compiled some ‘Storifys’ of the sessions I attended – with notes on what we were talking about, because, let’s face it, Tweets out of context can sound boring or pointless. I learned quite a few new things from this year’s SpotOn, which is why I wanted to make the Storifys.


Below are hashtags to all the sessions and those with links are the sessions I attended. The links are to Storify where I have created notes and links to the things discussed in those sessions.

Friday Day One:

Three Concurrent Workshops:

  • 1. Sharing Sensitive Data #Solo14Sens
  • 2. Measuring Social Impact – The tools available and whose responsibility is it? #Solo14Alt
  • 3. How to Build your Profile as a Scientist #Solo14Profile


  • Panel DiscussionOpen Peer Review #Solo14Peer
  • Panel DiscussionRight to be Forgotten: #Solo14Forget
  • Keynote PanelSocial Impact: Why we should include social impact as a part of UK higher education assessment #Solo14Impact

 Saturday Day Two: unconference

  • #Solo14ECREarly Career Researchers and Twitter (parallel session to ‘The future of scientific publishing’)
  • #Solo14ToolsThe Tools Within Us (parallel session to Elevating data citation and metrics)
  • #Solo14Involve Public involvement and participation (parallel session to Science Hacking)
  • #Solo14Free – Help, I’m a freelance science communicator what am I worth (parallel session to Improving Science on Wikipedia)

To find out what SpotOnLondon is, click here.


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