Who is anonymous on Twitter? Six common reasons people don’t use their real names.

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The Online Academic

There are many reasons why people, including academics, open anonymous profiles on social media.

wpid-2014-12-17-12.05.54.jpg.jpegIt’s not because you are trying to hide who you are or even ‘pretending’ to be someone else, it could be because you might have more fun or just want to disassociate yourself with a high-powered stressful job. If you’re particularly worried about what your Tweets might do to the world as we know it, have a look below at some common reasons why some people choose to go anonymous.

Common reasons to go anonymous can include:

  1. Being targeted by extremist groups: If you are an academic who writes about the middle east, politics, or who has to use animals in your research, it’s completely understandable you might not want to expose yourself on Twitter and use a pseudonym instead.
  2. Saying something controversial: Much like point 1, above, If your research or academic life tackles more sensitive issues, then you might…

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