How to run a shared Twitter account

This is what I’m talking about. 🙂

Dr Tseen Khoo

The Goodies + their bike (from The Goodies + their bike (from

Since getting into Twitter in a big way, I’ve had a fair amount of experience in running shared accounts.

@aasrn started as a shared account, and @researchwhisper has always been a joint one with @jod999.

Since starting the new job this year, I’ve also been running the @latrobe_HDR stream, and it has recently become a shared account (each of us taking turns to run it for 2 weeks).

Just today, I was asked about what I’d recommend with running a shared account.

I blurted out a heap of things to that person, but thought it might be helpful to others if I noted the key things down.

The specific context I’m talking about is formal university units or academic groups, but this advice would apply across a range of situations.

Who should run it? 

Anyone can log into a social media account and start posting things. This…

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