Spring Clean Twitter – How to remove the trash and get more quality followers

Are you at your 2,000 follow maximum but you want to follow more accounts? When was the last time you even interacted with half of your followers anyway, and do you even know if they are still Tweeting?

Follow these simple steps for clearing out inactive accounts so you can follow the active and interesting accounts to get more quality in your following.

Who do I unfollow?

  1. Inactive users – When did they last Tweet? Anything longer than 2 months is my rule, since it’s OK to be away from Twitter, everyone needs a break. 🙂
  2. Spammers – You can usually easily see who they are; they have LOTS of followers (probably paid for) and have only Tweeted a few times.
  3. No ID – Who are they? If they don’t have any information then how can you even put them in a list – Get rid!
  4. Professional follower-unfollower – My pet hate, the accounts that follow and immediately unfollow, they end up having so many followers but aren’t following hardly anyone! Psychopathic behaviour 101. No thanks.
  5. No follow back, the unfollowers – Be ruthless. They aren’t following you so don’t follow them. Even so, give them time to notice you’ve followed them. (This is why it’s good practice to follow-4-follow with accounts of similar interest in the first place.)


Being able to read someone’s Twitter stats can be useful. Someone who is trying to build their Twitter following  usually has a similar number of followers to following e.g., Followers 1570Following 1950 – I follow these accounts in a heartbeat.

 After you’ve cleared out the trash it’s time to follow!

Growing your network. After all the culling it’s always great to look for more accounts to follow:


  1. Follow other account’s lists – look at the list members for accounts to follow.
  2. Search a term or hashtag – see who else is interested in what you’re interested in.
  3. COPY other accounts followers! If you have a similar following as someone else, then why not follow the accounts who follow them?


Give accounts time to follow you back, so leave it a while before clearing out the trash of those unfollowers.

There are Free web applications and software to help you do this more easily – see my next blog click here.


About Dr Jojo Scoble

Freelance Science Communicator. Microbiology PhD Oxon. Fiction Writer. Social Media dilettante. Ideas Factory.
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