How to grow a quality Twitter following: a simple equation.

With so many Twitter accounts being created every day, even with the best intentions, not everyone has the time to keep them going, or even follow the right accounts, some UN-follow or don’t ever follow back,  so how do we know which accounts are doing what?

I showed you in the last blog how to identify the types of accounts not to follow and the right new ones to follow for building your network. Here is how to implement that with a simple equation.


Actively following the right accounts, then unfollowing those who don’t follow back or unfollow you, do this regularly (x1 week) and you will increase your quality following. Here’s how:

  1. FOLLOW as many as you can (within the Twitter guidelines): Find a Twitter account which is most like yours, go to their list of followers and follow those accounts. The logic: Accounts are more likely to follow back cuz they are already following someone similar!
  2. UN-FOLLOW the non-followers and un-followers: After you’ve given people time to follow back (a week at least), unfollow the people who don’t follow you back and who UN-follow you. You can easily unfollow accounts from the Twitter webpage but might find it easier to use a free software (see below).

Using this method, I followed FOUR HUNDRED accounts, and within 24 hours had ONE HUNDRED new followers, by the end of the week this is what I had:

*please be aware of the Twitter Guidelines for following and do not follow too many accounts at once – this blog is just an illustrative guide*

This information is emailed to me every Saturday by TweetsMap

Below I reveal some great free applications to help you sort through your ‘unfollowing’:

Free and easy software tools to help you organise your Twitter following:

I’ve looked at FREE web browser software to clear out the Twitter trash. Below is a table of their features (scroll right within table right to see more info)


  1. In your internet browser on your Twitter page-> Go to YOUR profile -> look at YOUR FOLLOWING — you can see who isn’t following you from in this list. Click Unfollow to your heart’s content — NB: Most recentl followers are at the top of the list, so older are at the bottom.
  2. If you have an iPhone or iPad you are lucky cuz the iOS Twitter app shows if accounts are following you. Sadly the Android Twitter mobile app don’t show anything but account information.


  • LISTS — The obsession continues. Make your own lists or subscribe to someone else’s, whatever you decide, if there is an account you want to UNfollow they’ll still be in the list so you won’t miss out on what they’re up to. is excellent at sorting out your lists, both the ones you’re subscribed to and in. These lists are usually categories so you can delve into them and follow as many new accounts as you want.
  • Maximise your resources for unfollowing: The ‘unfollowing’ applications tools restrict the number of accounts you can unfollow for free in a day so use more than one website! — in total, you can unfollow 400 accounts per day from the ones I’ve shown in the table above!

Please share what tips and programs you use.

ManageFlitter : Popup information about each user:

TweepsMap : The MAP of followers (%)

Crowdfire : The information about the users are clearly shown with useful sidebar list of feature functions — you can sort out your LISTS!

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