How Academics already use Twitter

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How Academics Already Use Twitter

There are many reasons why academics use Twitter but how they use it is key to understanding why.

The best thing about Twitter is the innovation from its users who have made it great tool for so many things besides connecting with others.

  • Self-promotion and Work promotion – A Talking Business-Card (always up-to-date, easy to contact)
  • Literary Resource – Getting hold of obscure articles.
  • News – About your Field, Institution, Prizes, Funding…
  • Jobs – Advertising Post-docs, PhDs, Tenured positions…
  • Events – Conferences, Promotion, Organisation, Interaction
  • Teaching – Interacting with students of all levels about their program
  • Research – Collaboration, Promotion of; Research, Website, Blog, and pose Questions to other specialists.
  • Societies – Grants, Funding, Open Positions, Elections…
  • Networking – making new contacts in related field.

Academics are just a handful of those who use Twitter in a number of ways. The simplicity of Twitter is a key part of its success and the reason why it is used globally by so many people from all walks of life; not just the young, or the rich and famous, but everyone.

How have you used Twitter in your career?


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