Make your own professional-looking profile pics

Not everyone has the opportunity for professional portraits, so I’ve developed an easy way to create some, and with the help of a few online apps for editing.

  • STEP ONE: Natural light — This is the most important part. Daylight is needed to give not only a good quality self portrait, but is also fantastic when taking pictures of objects.
  1. For self portraits, place yourself in front of a frosted glass window — the kind you find in bathrooms; the light is fragmented and less harsh giving a lovely even effect on the skin. A camera flash is really not the best way to take someone’s portrait.
  2. Make sure the background is as plain as possible — stand with your back against a plain wall

STEP TWO: Take a pose — keep your back straight and turn your head to look slightly more over one shoulder; the turn will accent your neck structure.

  • Shoulders down and relaxed
  • Head in line with your body
  • Chin in, but not jutting out either
  • And for those who want a ‘tighter’ looking jaw line (less of a double-chin) try sticking your tongue in the front roof of your mouth.
  • Think of something or someone that makes you feel at ease

STEP THREE: Take a lot of photos! — The more you have to chose from the better. I even make a few funny faces just to break the monotony. Sometimes I get lucky and get a pic I’m happy with straight away, other times it just takes more patience. Don’t despair too much since there are fantastic apps that can edit your picture into something great.

STEP FOUR: Editing your photos! — I used Google Photos in-build online editing software to edit my photos, but devices usually have their own editing features. Separate apps such as Instagram are also great photo editors.

The day I choose to re-do my profile pic on a day when I my hair cut (only happens about once a year), that way I know I’m looking my best.

BEFORE — Taken on a mobile phone: I’m crouching down at the back door with frosted glass.

AFTER — edited using Google Photos. I experimented with filters and always copied the edited version to a new folder — keeping the original to edit again.


About Dr Jojo Scoble

Freelance Science Communicator. Microbiology PhD Oxon. Fiction Writer. Social Media dilettante. Ideas Factory.
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