Favouriting on Twitter – it’s not a ‘like’ button

Favouriting a Tweet is a really great function for a number of reasons, and like a re-Tweet doesn’t necessarily mean endorsement, favouriting doesn’t necessarily mean like.

Uses of Favouriting:

  1. Bookmark: maybe the top reason people bookmark, I sure know I’ve used it for this reason; I just don’t have time to read the link from within the Tweet now and want to save it for later
  2. Acknowledgement: HT or the gesture ‘hat tip’, which means they’ve noticed your Tweet. Other forms of acknowledgement is flirtation or even show support or motivation. Hotly favourited Tweets come up in your followers activity in Trending section online. OK, so it’s like a ‘like’ button, let’s move on.
  3. I’ve seen your Reply/Tweet: Quite simply it’s saying I’ve seen your reply/message. So useful in conversation, if you have nothing more to say or too busy to respond, Favourite the Tweet to indicate you’ve seen it.
  4. To network – Yes, if you favourite someone’s Tweet then they’ll get a notification that you did, it’s a great way to get noticed and make new friends, but it doesn’t always work.
  5. Gathering testimonials – Companies gathering testimonials on Twitter from customers praising their products, not sure how this would work in academia, perhaps class feedback? I dunno, but you can already see how users have innovated a very simple action into for so many uses.
  6. Voting – ask followers to vote for something (Tweet >1 Tweet at a time). Simples.
  7. Used with IFTTT recipes – A great bit of application and coding, If This Then That, is designed around a particular function and then performs an action, so If Favourited, Then… send to Email. A great way to keep track of bookmarks or topics.

Also, pressing favourite by mistake – it happens a lot on some apps on devices which have the favourite button near other functions – I know I’ve done that on my mobile phone, sausage fingers!

(An excerpt of Twitter for Academics eBook – coming soon.)

Please comment if you use the Favourite for anything other than what is mentioned here.

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Freelance Science Communicator. Microbiology PhD Oxon. Fiction Writer. Social Media dilettante. Ideas Factory.
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