Topical Academic hashtags

Here I list the hashtags used most commonly within academic communities with a brief general description of the intentional use.

Remember: hashtags, even the curated ones, can be used at any time since there is usually always some talking on that particular subject.

PhDs and Academics


Tweets on anything to do with Academia


Tweets recommending other scholars/academics to follow


Tweets about anything to do with being Adjunct


Academic Writing – discuss


Conversation for and about being an Early Career Researcher


For conversational topics between/for PhD students


Advice for PhD students


Anything to do with PhD life


Tweets about being a PhD student


Tweets about being a PhD and/or PhD student (life, work, funny)


Bi-montly chat hashtag about gaining, wanting, or what to do with a PhD.


Tweets related to the emergency medical services


Science communication conversation


Alternative Careers (to research and postdoc) – jobs posts, careers advice…


Conversations between and for Post Doctoral Researchers


Tweets about writing in academia; tips, news, and conversation


Everything related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics


If you’re an academic and have a cat, you know what to do

Educational Academics


Education Technology


All to do with Higher Education


General Education News


Student Affairs conversation


Professorial Development (not professional)


Multicultural Affairs and Social Justice in Higher Ed Student affairs


Open Source E-learning platform chat


Massive Online Open Courses


Academic Advice


Related topics to undergraduate studies and universities


Educational Studies

An extract from the book Twitter for Academics – coming soon.


About Dr Jojo Scoble

Freelance Science Communicator. Microbiology PhD Oxon. Fiction Writer. Social Media dilettante. Ideas Factory.
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2 Responses to Topical Academic hashtags

  1. Helpful list. In the vein of #academicswithcats, there is #academicswithbunnies & likely dogs, not sure what else they’ve gotten to llamas, sheep, lizards… #academicswith__

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