Top Online Academic blog posts of 2015

It’s now 2016 and I’ve had a look at the stats of the Online Academic blog to see which posts have come out on top in 2015.

I posted 30 times, which generated 26,820 views from 13,0002 visitors, so that’s at least two views per visitor.

The most avid readers were from USA followed by the UK and Australia, Canada, and Germany. Many many thanks to all of you who came to visit.

Top FIVE posts of 2015

  1. Tweeting Etiquette at Conferences
  2. Twitter for Academics Part 4: My Twelve Rules of Tweeting
  3. Twitter for Academics Part 2: Setting up Your Talking Business Card
  4. Twitter for Academics Part 1: Nuts and Bolts
  5. Twitter for Academics Part 3: How to Start Tweeting

What brings 2016?

The Twitter for Academics ebook is what comes in 2016. I started writing the book last summer precisely because of how well received these blogs  were among the academics who visited – *UPDATE* The eBook was published at the end of April click here for more information or click here to go the Amazon website

Have a great new year. 🙂


About Dr Jojo Scoble

Freelance Science Communicator. Microbiology PhD Oxon. Fiction Writer. Social Media dilettante. Ideas Factory.
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2 Responses to Top Online Academic blog posts of 2015

  1. Anders Bore says:

    No views from Norway! A scandal! At least now you have a reader from that country!


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