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Integrating Twitter into your existing work routine

You’re already busy in your job, so how are you going to fit in (more) social media? I think about Twitter as more of an augmentation to an existing work situation; the business-card; the living network of contacts; the journal club … Continue reading

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Follow Follow Follow: Why do we Follow on Twitter?

Why do we bother to follow accounts on Twitter? It’s a good question. I can tell you the reasons I don’t and the reasons I do. I don’t do it for my Twitter stream. Every Twitter account I follow will come up in my Twitter … Continue reading

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How to grow a quality Twitter following: a simple equation.

With so many Twitter accounts being created every day, even with the best intentions, not everyone has the time to keep them going, or even follow the right accounts, some UN-follow or don’t ever follow back,  so how do we … Continue reading

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Blogging tips for the academic – from organising to writing

Academics are busy and always developing their organisational skills, now you have decided to write an academic blog and have chosen your subject <What The Blog Do I Write About>, below are some more tips and organisations tools to getting your blog written. … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons for Academics to Use Social Media and Twitter

1. UP-TO-DATE CAREER INFORMATION: Your departmental website may not get updated as often as you like and you may not have direct control over the content. Owning your own professional web profile, e. g., LinkedIn, gives you freedom to add all the details you want. … Continue reading

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