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The Twitter Rules you may not realise you’ve been breaking.

Rules — if you don’t know them then how do you know you’re breaking them? Here are some highlights of the Twitter Rules that you may not realise you’ve been breaking! Twitter Rules and Best Practices The internet is host to many … Continue reading

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Twitter-speak, definitions and other stuff.

As a part of the Twitter for Academics book I’m currently writing, I’ve made a list of terms, words and general stuff to know. Everyday nouns and verbs: These words are the language of Twitter; the names of the tools and … Continue reading

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Twitter Taxonomy: Species of user, their behaviour, and how to spot them.

I have blogged a lot about Twitter, and when you spend a lot of time on Twitter, especially clearing out the trash, you start to notice different personality types forming between the accounts, which is why I asked Matthew Partridge, … Continue reading

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Follow Follow Follow: Why do we Follow on Twitter?

Why do we bother to follow accounts on Twitter? It’s a good question. I can tell you the reasons I don’t and the reasons I do. I don’t do it for my Twitter stream. Every Twitter account I follow will come up in my Twitter … Continue reading

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How to grow a quality Twitter following: a simple equation.

With so many Twitter accounts being created every day, even with the best intentions, not everyone has the time to keep them going, or even follow the right accounts, some UN-follow or don’t ever follow back,  so how do we … Continue reading

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Spring Clean Twitter – How to remove the trash and get more quality followers

Are you at your 2,000 follow maximum but you want to follow more accounts? When was the last time you even interacted with half of your followers anyway, and do you even know if they are still Tweeting? Follow these … Continue reading

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Tweeting Etiquette At Conferences

Many academic groups are split by the use of social media at conferences. With this blog I would like to alleviate some of the stress for those who are in between the argument as well as for those who are … Continue reading

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