About the Online Academic

Academic and research delegates ask me what they should do

In 2014 during my postdoc, I came back from yet another academic conference and over beer, coffee, posters and snacks, my peers ask me about social media and especially effective uses of Twitter for academics. This usually ‘taboo’ subject was that year, was suddenly open for me to talk about. So now, as a result of these many, often annual conversations, I was asked that I publish all that I preach, essentially; An Introduction to Social Media for Academics.

Removing hostility and naivety with basic teaching

With this blog I want to introduce social media and online tools for the academic from a basic level, to remove misunderstanding and any associated preconceived negative connotations of its uses. Blah blah… I hope, in the end, to make the internet more accessible and ease the lives of the busy academic, condensing the essence of using social media and internet uses to enhance careers, in easy to understand short blogs.



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