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What the blog do I write about!?

“I want to blog but I don’t know what I should write about.” This is a common problem for first time bloggers.  Writing in a journal everyday and then deciding to do an online blog (every day) is very different. The … Continue reading

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Making Time for Social Media – Top Tips On Blogging While You Work

“I’m an Academic, I don’t have time for Social Media!” Many academics I meet tell me how, even though they understand the positive aspects social media could have on their academic career (see: Ten Reasons why Academics Should Use Social Media), they … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons for Academics to Use Social Media and Twitter

1. UP-TO-DATE CAREER INFORMATION: Your departmental website may not get updated as often as you like and you may not have direct control over the content. Owning your own professional web profile, e. g., LinkedIn, gives you freedom to add all the details you want. … Continue reading

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