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Why Academics use Twitter

I’ve mentioned before ‘how’ academics use Twitter, but this doesn’t cover ‘why’ they use Twitter. I’ve heard Twitter be referred to as a global online ‘water cooler’ or ‘rec room’ for academics, a place to hang-out and feel support from … Continue reading

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Topical Academic hashtags

Here I list the hashtags used most commonly within academic communities with a brief general description of the intentional use. Remember: hashtags, even the curated ones, can be used at any time since there is usually always some talking on … Continue reading

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An Exercise in Forming a Good Twitter Bio

No-one reads your Twitter bio with care especially when they are surrounded by other bios and pictures. But you can create a Bio that will attract more of the right Followers not only from a glance but by appearing in topical search results … Continue reading

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How Academics already use Twitter

(30-second read, set-feature image by Matthew Partridge @MCeeP) How Academics Already Use Twitter There are many reasons why academics use Twitter but how they use it is key to understanding why. The best thing about Twitter is the innovation from its … Continue reading

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Exposing pricks in the system: an argument for open peer review

Did you know that women, on average, co-author one less paper than men, just as on average, male doctoral students can probably run a mile race a bit faster than female doctoral students? … (and this is the kind of thing … Continue reading

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The Data Sharing Week in Review

Here is a summary of the week I spent trawling the internet finding out about Data Sharing as a researcher and what it means to share your data. The Data Sharing Week for me actually started a week earlier when I was asked … Continue reading

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Who is anonymous on Twitter? Six common reasons people don’t use their real names.

There are many reasons why people, including academics, open anonymous profiles on social media. It’s not because you are trying to hide who you are or even ‘pretending’ to be someone else, it could be because you might have more fun or just want to … Continue reading

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