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Doctor of Philosophy – Zoology (Microbiology)

My name is Josephine Scoble, but everyone calls me ‘Jojo’.

In 2013, I finished my PhD in Microbiology in the Zoology Department at The University of Oxford. I completed a post-doc at the University of Saskatchewan in 2014, working for a colleague and friend, who I met at annual conferences and kept in touch with via social media.

Early adopter of social media as an academic

Since the start of my PhD in 2008 I was amazed how social media dramatically affected the lives of scientists, and more broadly, the academic. I learned how the internet is challenging not only the individual academic user and their careers but also, higher education institutions, e.g., forcing changes in access to journals, not to mention novel teaching strategies in universities, and shared research data. The ways in which the internet is changing academia is too awesome to list. And, as a PhD student who realised the potential of the internet for academics, I was not aware I was in a small subset of early adopters.

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  1. Oh!! All the things we love!

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  2. Samjoth says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

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