eBook – Twitter for Academics

The new book, Twitter for Academics, is here!

The Online Academic’s most popular blog posts are all about how to use Twitter, so I decided to put all I know and more about how Twitter can work for academics in a eBook. I’ve been working on the ebook since July 2015 and now it’s published (April 2016)!

If you don’t have a Kindle you can download the desktop *free app* and read the book on your computer.
Best wishes and please leave an Amazon review.
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Links to amazon stores:

Look at the outline below for contents and don’t forget to sign-up to the mail-list for any future news.


  1. Why (should) academics use Twitter
  2. A foundation in Twitter
  3. Tweeting: from basics to best
  4. Common problems and how to deal with them
  5. Analytics and Apps
  6. Using Twitter at conferences and events
  7. Twitter hacks and cheats

There are also FREE worksheets included with the release of this e-book CLICK HERE.

For a fuller list of the contents see my Academia.edu page click here 

Don’t forget to sign up here for the mail-list.

any queries please email: theonlineacademic@gmail.com

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