Why The Online Academic?

I came back from yet another academic conference where I discussed, over beer, coffee, posters and snacks, effective uses  of social media especially, Twitter for academics, and other amazing (often free) tools available to make academic life better.

This was a ‘taboo’ subject for the majority of time I was doing my PhD. Now I find it’s easier to talk about since more and more academics are coming to realise the benefits of using social media and online tools for work.

As a result of these many conversations, I have been asked many times that I publish everything I have experienced and learned in my early academic career, essentially; An Introduction to Social Media and Online Tools for Academics.

So, at the request of my academic friends from all fields of research and stages of career, I give you a series of short blog pieces starting with Ten Reasons you should consider starting (or resuscitating) your Twitter and academic/work-related blogs.

Future Posts

I will be composing have posted short blogs on aspects of social media for the academic new to social media, including: How use Twitter as an Academic; Making Time for Social Media; What to blog about; Blogging tips; Twitter Etiquette at Conferences; Twitter Species, and much more.

Please ask questions (fill out the form below or leave a comment) and I hope to address them in future blog posts very very soon.  


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