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ECR vs PostDoc, what’s the difference?

Most of the topics I write for the Online Academic blog are directed at any academic; a person who’s in the academic sector or who’ve gained a higher university degree and still do work related to their qualification. I Tweet a … Continue reading

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Evernote – the Academics’ little big helper

Everyone needs a side-kick, a buddy to help them get on in academic life because It’s nice to know someone has your back every now and again and Evernote was my side-kick when I was doing my PhD as well … Continue reading

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ReadCube – The pdf organiser, reader, note-taker, paper tracker…

ReadCube is many things; it’s like an iTunes for your PDFs but SOOOOOO much better cuz it works really well (sorry Apple, not.), its a pdf reader, it make searchable notes, annotates pdfs, finds new articles, yes, ReadCube actually does that for … Continue reading

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Top Online Academic blog posts of 2015

It’s now 2016 and I’ve had a look at the stats of the Online Academic blog to see which posts have come out on top in 2015. I posted 30 times, which generated 26,820 views from 13,0002 visitors, so that’s … Continue reading

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Why Academics use Twitter

I’ve mentioned before ‘how’ academics use Twitter, but this doesn’t cover ‘why’ they use Twitter. I’ve heard Twitter be referred to as a global online ‘water cooler’ or ‘rec room’ for academics, a place to hang-out and feel support from … Continue reading

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Twitter Apps and Tools for academics – Maintenance

What kind of maintenance tasks are there to do for my Twitter account? This is a good question since many people I’ve spoken to don’t even think they have to do anything to their account other than tweet when they feel like … Continue reading

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Crafting a Personal Brand for Academic Professionals

Originally posted on abehmiel:
Yesterday I gave a talk on UAlbany’s main campus regarding an overview of personal branding strategies for academic professionals through the UAlbany FFLC (Future Faculty Leadership Council). The talk is focused on the online aspect of personal…

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